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NYC Venues of the week (December 27, 2017)

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With so many places to visit, I thought I'd just reduce this down to a simple list every week if you're looking for somewhere new. Some of them you've probably heard of, some of them are local classics, and some of them might be a little further off the beaten path.

Restaurant of the week

“Restaurant” might be a strong way of describing this one. It's really Place-that-you-can-eat-food of the week but this looked more professional.

Tacqueria – St Marks Place (East Village)

Tacqueria St Marks Place
Tacqueria St Marks Place – stolen from their Facebook page

This one is a no-brainer. The food and drinks are cheap, the place is lively, the guacamole is FREAKING DELICIOUS (how do they get the avocado so smooth!?) and you're going to love it with friends or strangers.

Bar of the week

Of all of these, this one should be the most self-explanatory. Where. To. Drink.

The Lost Lady (East Village/Alphabet City)

The Lost Lady
The Lost Lady – stolen from their Facebook page

This is is just me being lazy because it's about 5 doors away from my home, but it's a fantastic bar for a quiet drink with friends, or even a date (assuming they enjoy tacos).

Thing-to-do of the week

This could be anything, a wildcard piece of advice for this week.

Stay out of Midtown on New Year's Eve

NYC Ball drop
NYC ball drop – borrowed from

You don't want any of it. The ball drop isn't worth it (full disclosure: I've never seen it – but the way that people talk about it is as if they're recollecting the time they went to war).

Have some friends over, find a fun bar to celebrate with people, sit in a park wearing everything you own to stay warm, ANYTHING is better than what goes on up there.

Local recommendation of the week

This is where we ask a New Yorker for a hot tip for this week. It might be a bar, a place for a snack, an event to avoid, something to climb, or somewhere great to throw snowballs, anything at all!

This week's recommendation is from Stacey:

Hot Chocolate and Cookies at City Bakery (Manhattan)

City Bakery

It's cold outside, so what better than to warm up with hot chocolate and find your inner Santa and tuck into some delicious cookies!?

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Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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