THIS SATURDAY IT’S GETTING WARM! Even if only for a glimmer.

Restaurant of the week

Hard to say, fun to eat:

Tsurotontan Udon Noodle, on Union Square is sensational. Not only is the food delicious, the venue is lovely and the service is some of the best in the city. I can HIGHLY recommend the Sizzling Sudiyaki Udon, oh my. Freaking delicious.

The bowl is hot, though. Keep that in mind.

Tsurotontan Udon Noodle
Not the same dish, but nom nom!


Bar of the week

You know when sometimes

Art Bar, in the West Village, when you walk in first looks a bit run down and small but turns out to have a great atmosphere and WHO CAN WALK PAST A HAPPY HOUR WITH $3.50 BEERS AND $3 WINES!?

Art Bar West Village


Thing-to-do of the week

Go see A Quiet Place. The movie is amazing (and will scare your pants off – in a fun way)!!

Local tip of the week

“I didn’t get any good tips this week!”

Josh Pugh, America Josh