It’s time. The sun is here. Get outside.

Restaurant of the week

Doughnuts? Donughts? Donuts? Either way, this place has mussels and those round bready delicious delights in savory AND sweet!

Flex Mussels has two locations West Village and Upper West Side and both of them are delicious. The mussels for dinner are tremendous, and they do a sensational brunch (I can recommend the savory donut tasting plate, and the peach bellini).

Flex Mussels

Bar of the week

Oysters. Oysters. OYSTERS!

UpState (East Village) is delicious! The oysters are huge and tasty. The beer is crafty. The decor is lovely. The specials are worth it!

Upstate Oysters

Thing-to-do of the week

The TriBeCa Film Festival all keeps rolling off this week… So check out their website to see what they’ve got on offer! (I’m a bit lazy re-using this one, I kn0w).

Local tip of the week

Come feel like a local with me. Make some new friends!

Once a month, 10 people who aren’t yet friends having dinner (and drinks if you’d like) at an affordable restaurant around NYC on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm (with me there too).

Dinner with New Friends