Every week I try to visit some new venues and tell you about the best ones. So where has Josh been this week (especially after a whole week off, what the hell have I been doing!?)

Restaurant of the week


I wouldn’t normally share two in two weeks but they’ve both been GREAT (and they’re in very different areas of the city).

El Porrón is a lovely little tapas place in Midtown East/UES on 1st Avenue boasting delicious tasty treats to share between friends as well as a fantastic tapas.

Two tips for you if you’re trying to impress your friends: A Porrón is the glass pouring device that you’ll see placed all over the restaurant, and “socarrat” is the crust that builds around the edges of a good paella. There you go. Bonus tips from America Josh!

El Porron

Bar of the week

Sometimes you just want a good burger and to sit in a bar.

Boulton and Watt��just off Houston St is exactly that kind of place. Big, open, inviting, reasonably priced, great food. If you’re looking for something modern American and great with a big group of friends! If you need a friend to join you, please do reach out!

I recommend heading in for happy hour!

Boulton and Watt