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The Best Things To Do in NYC this Week (May 9, 2018)

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Seafood? Wine not!

Restaurant of the week

I don't always go out for lunch so when I do, I love going somewhere nice.

Sagaponack (Flatiron) has a funny name but boy is it delicious! Primarily serving fresh seafood, this place has a nice little vibe and is great value for money considering the amount of food you get (especially the lunch specials) and the quality of food.

I can recommend:

Wölffer Estate Summer in a Bottle & the Lobster Avocado BLT (lunch special). Delicious.


Bar of the week

I know a lot of my venues are in Manhattan. So I'm trying to recommend a few more around the place!

Iona (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is a great little Irish Bar in Williamsburg. They've even got a little Irish band that kicks in some nights to entertain you and make you feel like you've really been transported across the ocean. Add in a cheeky Guiness and you've got yourself an Irish Pub!

Iona Bar Williamsburg

Thing-to-do of the week

So this week's recommendation comes thanks to some friends of mine who found something a bit unique. It's not for the young'uns but it's worth checking in for something very New York.

Company XIV's Cinderella is very cool. From TheaterMania:

Austin McCormick's Company XIV specializes in the kind of entertainment we associate with Old World cabarets like the Moulin Rouge. When audiences arrive at the company's new Bushwick venue, the dimly lit rooms at the entrance smolder with a teasing red glow that entices patrons to the main performance space, where tables, couches, and a bustling bar await. Tastefully yet sparsely clad performers hurry about, appearing to be getting ready for the show on the fly, but Company XIV is engaged in executing very well-constructed illusions, designed to take audiences into another world for a couple of hours.

Company XIV Cinderella

Local tip of the week

Every week, at Dinner with New Friends, I ask the group: “Do you have one super tip that you'd love to pass on to everyone in New York City?” Here goes the first round!:

“The Friday night poetry slam at Nuyoricans Poets Cafe is incredible and tickets are cheap. Just get there early because it gets packed.” – Kate A.

“Look under the dirt and grime of NYC subways to find the cheeky side of the city … the tiles, the art, the architecture, and furry creatures.” – Brent H.

Bluestone Cafe for a great Aussie cuppa ” – Juliana P.

“Probably not a hot new tip but I'm getting loads of use out of the CitiBike, got a year pass and 45 minute trips are free! It's a great way to get around 🙂 ” – Lewis T.

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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