I know that a lot of the people who visit this site are from New York or are looking to move to New York but when someone is doing something really cool and helpful somewhere else in the U.S., I will always give them a shout out (like people who deliver Aussie beef pies).

This week it’s Chris and his awesome resource, G’day SF.

Say G’day to the Bay.

Discover what’s happening for Aussies in the Bay Area direct to your inbox.

G’day SF is an email that comes direct to your inbox filled with:

  • Community Announcements;
  • Facebook community summaries;
  • Housing advice;
  • Visa information;
  • Stories from the Bay;
  • Flight costs and specials;
  • Awesome events;
  • Jobs with Aussie founded companies;
  • E-3 Friendly company jobs;
  • Aussies open to opportunities;
  • News from back home;
  • Satire from back home;
  • Fun facts; and even some
  • Old school (something to remind you of the good ol’ Australian sunshine).

It’s an incredible resource and he is a legend for taking the time to offer it to everyone for free!

Subscribe at gdaysf.com

Gday SF