Getting a U.S. Visa in Spain 2022

Looking to get your US Visa at the US Embassy or Consulate in Spain?

Below you will find reviews from others who have, including turnaround times, and appointment wait times.

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Madrid, Spain


2.5 days

16 days

2 reviews


 E-3 Renewal
3 Days
When choosing a pick up spot, the post office (correos) inside El Corte Ingles mall on Callao is very central and there’s a bar with great views on the roof!
- Alex (about 4 years ago)


 E-3 New
2 Days
E3 Madrid review:First time E3 (landed a new role here, and was previously on an L1 at my old employer) on the last Thursday in August.8.10am appointment in the US embassy in Madrid, got there at 7.30am and there was a bunch of people lining up outside the building all for various appointments. They then lined people up to go through security on the basis of when their appointment was, so I ended up being the second group in. While you're lining up one of the staff there checks that your passport photos are to standard (they turned people away if not). You can't bring phones into the embassy, you leave it with security (they give you a number for pickup), and I would take the absolute bare minimum with you.First desk in the building they checked the confirmation of appointment page and my passport then into the second room for the appointment. The woman at the first window there asked for the DS-160 page, the LCA, the offer letter from my employer and my CV (as well as passport and passport photo). The only thing she asked (as she took these documents from me was "what am I doing in the US?") she then processed this information which took a little bit of time as she had to call her her supervisor over as she explained they don't get a lot of E3 visas here, but it was fine and then I queued up for the second window (the actual interview).The second window the woman just asked for the DS-160 page, the LCA, the letter from my employer and passport and passport photo. The only thing she asked was again, "so what am I doing in the US?" as she looked through these documents. Then after a minute or so of her reading through these / inputting in the computer she advised me my Visa was approved and my passport would be ready in 3-6 business days. She then asked (I think more out of curiosity when she gave the docs back) why I chose Madrid? I wasn't asked any other questions or asked for any other documents, and I was out of there by 8.45.I got an email the next day (Friday) saying my passport had been sent to the postoffice, but because of the labor day holiday I gave it until the end of the long weekend and picked up early the following week. I chose the post office in the El Corte Ingles next to Plaza Callao which is a super central location (and has an awesome rooftop bar / restaurant area!). The post office is in the actual department store and you need to walk all the way through the furniture section to find it. The email I received was in spanish so I just handed it to the woman at the desk and she gave me back the package with my passport including Visa, and LCA.Overall, super easy and smooth process getting the E3 in Madrid and such a cool city also. Feel free to message/comment if any questions.As a side note - I had originally completed the DS-160 with Barbados as the location, and then logged on to book an appointment there only to find that there wasn't one for another 3 weeks (and I needed one sooner than that). I then booked Madrid instead which was available sooner. However the lawyers for my company absolutely insisted that the location on my DS-160 matched where I would be going for an appointment. So I re-did the whole thing, with a new DS-160 with Madrid as the location (because I knew they had appointments available earlier anyway). I fully expected to have to pay the fee again, but I was able to cancel first appointment and use the fee as a credit for another appointment in Madrid (that matched this new DS-160), which was great.
- Isabelle (about 3 years ago)