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 E-3 New
1 Day
You need to bring photos
- Dean (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 Renewal
3 Days
Location : Madrid (SPAIN) Date Time : 20th Jan 2022 Thursday at 8:30am (Had booked this in late September 2021) Who attended : E3 renewal with spouse as E3D renewal along with 2 year old daughter. Prep Work -Document Printing : We had to print a bunch of documents a day before the interview. Used an online service to upload documents and make payment using international VISA credit card and the files were available for pickup in 15 mins. Since we lived on Gran Via street in City Center the closest location was WORKCENTER SAN BERNARDO which I just took a train to. I printed 29 sheets and cost was around 8 euros. *Pro Tip* - If you print just 1 or 2 documents you will pay a minimum printing fee of 1.59 euros so it’s actually better to print 5 or more as the rate then comes to 0.16 euros per page + VAT of 21 percent. Prep Work – Online Photo & Physical Photo : We had to update our DS-160 as we had chosen a different country before zeroing on madrid as the appointments were available and we had booked using our old DS-160 number created for another country. When you select MADRID as the location in DS-160 it asked us to upload a digital copy of our photo which we obviously didn’t have. Used Iphone 13 and an app called Passport both (free for 3 days so remember to cancel the subscription after that) to click the photo with bright light and white background and uploaded to the form which passed. We still had our physical photos required for the interview just that online vs physical were different. That didn’t matter as long as both photos were taken in the last 6 months and adheres to their standard. Prep Work - Courier Payment on Passport handover : The MRW courier service the embassy uses require payment of cash or debit card upon passport delivery. I had exchanged for 10 EURO’s using RIA money transfer on Gran Via and when the courier guy came for passport deliver it was 7.45 euros since I was in Madrid city center. I handed over 10 euros to him as he had no cash change. Mode of Transport : Took a train and then we walked to the embassy which is a 7 mins walk. Google map shows you the back entrance so you will need to walk up to the front. *Pro Tip* - We actually did a rehearsal run via train the previous day to be comfortable with the route and accurately predict arrival time. Had asked security on what items we could carry. Arrival Time : 8:25 AM at the front gate with security staff checking the passport , date/time and then letting people go for security screening 1 by 1 or by family. Items Carried : A4 Document Folder, mobile phone, cash/card small wallet and small diaper bag with water bottle and milk bottle and some snacks for the daughter. We didn’t take any strollers but seems they were fine. Locker : Once we were let in for security check by the front guards, the switched off mobile phones were kept in a locker and a number tag was provided to us which needs to be handed over on return pickup. First Window (Document check) : Once clearing up security, we walked over to the First desk window queue where they check your papers LCA, I797, Passport, Photo and provide you with a blank envelope to fill up the return address & phone number for MRW courier which they use to return the passports. Both names of the passport holder needs to be written along with proper address of SPAIN and local phone number. Took around 20 mins here. *Pro tip * - Luckily I had a friend who stays in madrid so used his number but you can use the hotel’s address and number. We had to update our DS-160 as we had chosen a different country before. We explained this to the lady and provided our new DS-160 (which was filled up 2 days before) which she updated in the system. Second Window (Consular Interview) : Since only 1 window was open, there was a long line for this one. There is a small play area right next to this queue where my daughter along with my wife played sitting on the chairs/table while I waited in line. After waiting for 45 mins it was our turn and the officer asked for below items/questions What’s the name of the company ? Describe what do you do ? Please provide your marriage certificate ? Is your daughter a U.S. citizen ? do you have your employment verification letter ? do you have your educational qualification certificate ? In just 3 mins he said your VISA is approved and your passport should arrive in 5 days. Documents shown: Passport, LCA, I797-C, 1 VISA photo, Employment Verification Letter, Paystub for last 2 period, Marriage certificate, all educational qualification certificates. Documents Kept by Officer : Passport, 1 VISA photo, Return envelope with hotel’s address & phone number in it Washrooms / Diaper changing : There are 2 of them in the same room while you wait in queue and you can access them very easily. One of them also has the diaper changing station so it’s all nice and clean. On Exit : We provided the number token and took our mobile phones back. Total time around 80 mins. Courier Wait for Passport delivery : There was no tracking number provided for MRW so they solely rely on the address and number written down on the plain envelope. Here’s the time line : 20Jan2022 (Thursday) @ 8:30 AM – Scheduled Appointment Time (E3R & E3DR) 20Jan2022 (Thursday) @ 9:35 AM – Actual Consular Interview 20Jan2022 (Thursday) @ 11:00 AM – DS-160 status changed to administrative processing 21Jan2022 (Friday) @ 11:10 AM – DS-160 status changed to VISA issued No more updates after it. NO TRACKING number from MRW either. NO SMS or email either. 24Jan2022 (Monday) @ 11:09 AM – MRW courier delivery guy directly knocked on my door in the Apartment Hotel and delivered the package with a required payment of 7.45 euros (only CASH or DEBIT – NO CREDIT CARD allowed) MRW Courier tracking : Can only be SEEN after you have the passports that has the receipt number. Backtracked from that information on MRW website. 01/24/2022 11:09 shipment delivered MADRID 01/24/2022 07:58 Shipping on delivery MADRID 01/22/2022 07:22 In transit MADRID 01/21/2022 21:29 In transit Logistics Platform (02699) 01/21/2022 16:22 In transit MADRID 01/21/2022 16:11 Pending collection at origin MADRID
- UNISOFT (about 2 years ago)


 E-3 Renewal
2 Days
Quick update to previous reviews. Don't worry if you have submitted your DS-160 with another location - I had applied in Hamilton, but ended up in Madrid as it was the only option available. I just had to wait 10 minutes while the consular official pulled the DS-160 from the system, otherwise there were no issues. I have never used a lawyer for my E3, so did not get the bad advice given to a previous reviewer. Note that the US Gov website also clearly states there is no problem changing locations. As my visa application was a renewal I did not need Photos, Resume, Degree or employment letter. All they wanted was my LCA. Once the interview was done they gave 2 options for passport delivery -i.e.; Provide a local mailing address, or collect the passport from the courier offices. They quoted 4-5 days for delivery and 2-3 days for pickup. I chose pickup. My interview was the tuesday morning and I received an email wednesday afternoon saying my passport was ready. Super quick. My appointment was at 9.30 and I was out by 10.15 - a pretty positive experience.
- Tom (about 2 years ago)