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5 Tips for Staying Cool in New York’s Summer 2024

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With it getting warmer every day, I wanted to make sure that you had some tips and tricks for staying cool and happy when it gets to the really warm New York summer days. Lots of these tips will work wherever you are around the country, but a few are specific to the East Coast City life.

It's also more than five, it's more like seven!

1. Avoid the Subway during New York Summer

That place is gross.

I know it's convenient most of the time to quickly jump on the train and get around New York and sometimes you just can't avoid it, but if there's one place that is hotter than any other, it's underground.

I don't know if they're pumping warm air into Union Square on purpose as some sort of experiment to test us, but that one especially is gross.

In its place, take the bus! They're air-conditioned, they're conveniently all over the city, and they're easy to ride. I know, I know, you don't catch buses. Well, you should, and here's how to catch the bus in New York!

2. Dress appropriately for summer

While this doesn't sound super helpful (and is incredible obvious), the reason I mention this is because this city dresses very differently for all seasons and you should know that from the get-go.

Some offices have strict policies about what you have to wear but many completely understand that the weather in New York changes dramatically and you should dress appropriately.

You'll notice professionals and non-professionals alike really dressing down when it gets this hot, so take note and do the same!

If you're someone like me who gets quite sweaty during the summer, then I've got the perfect solution for you too!

Head West or East to a New York River

There's water surrounding this here island of Manhattan, so wander that way!

Breeze + Water = Cooler Breeze.

Take yourself a nice cold drink and sit quietly while watching the ferries drive past.

Have one of Ralph's Famous Italian Ices

To clarify, I don't get paid by Ralph's (in ices OR in cash).

My girlfriend (now wife) introduced me to these and they are really quite delicious on a hot day. You're probably familiar with an “ice” and these ones are filled with flavor and cold, cold, ice.

You can find Ralph's locations here.

Ralphs Water Ice

Leave the city and get somewhere cooler!

This one is the most difficult, because you obviously have to go to work during the week, but whenever you possibly can, get out of the city.

High-rise buildings and lots of concrete and cement hold heat in and make it even warmer than it really should be. Just look at the “Real Feel” from AccuWeather, it's always way higher in the summer than the surrounding temp.

The temperature upstate, or east, or west, or south, of the city is substantially cooler! One idea… go for a hike at Mount Beacon (whoa, I wrote that over two years ago)!

Do things inside

Now's your chance! Get inside and see a gallery FOR FREE WITH YOUR CULTURE PASS!

Get an A/C unit

This one seems obvious but there are some good tricks to getting a good A/C unit and using it appropriately throughout the summer.

I've written a whole article about discounts and tricks so you can control it with your Amazon Alexa or on your phone!

Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

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