Just as promised, I knew you’d see
My second year in NYC

So what crazy stories, can I add to ONE?
And what adventures are still to come?

Most importantly, you should know
I met a girl, in last year’s snow

I swiped right, and so did she
Fast forward to now, she lives with me!

My business world is on the rise
With America Josh, a nice surprise

Dinners and drinks with networking too
My group of friends grew and grew

I traveled to ‘Straya not once but twice
For weddings and friends and all things nice

Stace had a pie and a Barbecue Shape
While we sat and admired the Aussie landscape

And now we’re back with things to do
I can hardly believe it’s already been two

The people I’ve met and the chances I’ve had
I can’t thank you enough, dear Mum and Dad

That’s just about it and enough from me
Stay tuned for more, as two turns three.