Well oh my God, it’s a surprise to me
One plus one plus one makes three

You were there for ONE, and then for TWO
You’d think by now there was nothing new

But I’m here to say, there’s plenty more
That a bloke like me still can explore

The year took off with a trip to Philly
A New Years wedding (no not me, silly)

Within a flash, we’re two months in
And Carribean sun for a visa with gin

We flew to Aus for Dads six oh
Only there for a week, left me feeling so-so

Back in New York and the baking got real
Cakes, and flans, and a Bourke Street meal

I hosted events and met many for dinner
Starting to realize that I’m no longer a beginner

But the thing I’m most proud of, the thing I love most
Is the community that’s building, for that I can boast

Your stories, your wins, your lives overseas
It makes it all worth it, the forest from trees

As the year ended, Australia on fire
The distance felt real and the outlook real dire

So let’s take a moment, and review what we’ve got
We need to remember, that it’s really a lot