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Alice from NoMad

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We're headed into the heart of Manhattan and looking right into one of the neighborhoods that might be especially enticing for when you first move to the city. Meet Alice from NoMad (and a little bit of Murray Hill)!

The name NoMad, which has been in use since 1999, is derived from the area’s location north of Madison Square Park. The neighborhood is bordered by East 25th Street to the south, East 29th or East 30th Street to the north, Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) to the west and Madison or Lexington Avenue to the east.

Alice has been a frequent visitor to NYC since her first trip here when she was in her early twenties. Her parents lived here in the 1970s and have played tour guide on trips over the years, so she was a little familiar with the NoMad/ Murray Hill areas when she moved here in March.

Alice from NoMad Murray HillAll about NoMad by Alice

Is it friendly for people new to the city (is it safe throughout the day and night)?

I've never felt safer. I’m on a main thoroughfare and have a doorman in my building, which are both new to me. While a doorman doesn’t feel necessary from a security standpoint, it's super helpful for package deliveries, etc, and a friendly face, when you move to a new city, is always appreciated.

On the weekends the area directly around my apartment tends to be pretty quiet, but it’s a little busier during the week with commuters making the trek up Park Avenue to Grand Central Station. Deeper into NoMad there is always a lot going on, with awesome restaurants and bars, so that’s always busy in the evening.

Why do you like (or dislike) living in the area?

The biggest advantage is that it's so central and accessible to a lot of well-known parts of New York City. For example, Bryant Park is about 10 minutes walk away, and now that it’s summer there are Monday night movies for free, as well as other activities like yoga. The New York Public Library and the Morgan Library are both close, and for big-name shopping, Macy’s and Herald Square are also close.

One of my favorite things to do is walk down to Union Square and people watch, and on Saturdays the farmer’s market is brilliant.

It’s a midtown location, so it does what it says on the tin. A major benefit is you can get to a lot of different parts of the city (and other boroughs) fairly easily. Plus being close to Grand Central Station means you can also get to various airports super simply.

On the downside, this immediate area can be quieter on the weekends than other parts of the city (although that could also be a benefit!). There are a lot of office buildings close by, so sometimes it misses that neighborhood feel.

Would you say it was a cheaper neighborhood, an average-priced neighborhood, or an expensive neighborhood?

It’s hard to say, but from what I've read- if you do want to live in Manhattan it’s not bad value for money.

My building, for example, seems to have a mix of working professionals, older established residents and people out of college- so it suits a lot of budgets.

How would you describe a clichéd person living in the area and how do they live?

There are a lot of college grads living in Murray Hill and there are certainly loads of bars which fit that bill.

On the flip side, there are also some gorgeous townhouses mingled in with residential apartments and office buildings.

I’m still getting a feel for it, so it’s hard to pinpoint the average Murray Hill or NoMadder, but so far- from an age perspective, it feels pretty diverse.

What is your favorite bar in the area to go with friends?

If you want an after-work drink with your colleagues, you are definitely spoilt for choice in these parts. Try Oscar Wilde bar or Liberty Bar which has a good happy hour. iTrulli makes a mean Negroni and the rooftop at the Freehand Hotel (Broken Shaker) is great- just be prepared to wait for an outside spot in the summer. Finally, the NoMad Bar in the NoMad hotel is another favorite, it’s cozy and the perfect place to take an out of town guest.

Do you have a favorite spot to go alone or quietly with others (venue or not)?

I absolutely love going to Madison Square Park. That’s my pick of the area. You can look at (and if you’re lucky pat) all the cute dogs, read a book, or grab a burger from Shake Shack. You have awesome views of the Flatiron building, which i never get sick of looking at.

Across the road is Eataly if you fancy a pasta or a good glass of red after sitting in the sun!

Do you have a favorite café or deli and what is your order?

I love a deli, and pastrami on rye always hits the spot. I’ll give a shout out to the Murray Hill Diner, because it feels like a classic NYC deli- the service is great and I love how much the regulars love going to their local haunt. For that feeling of home, Bourke Street Bakery is a must. Finally, Franchia Vegan Café and their vegan pho feels like health food in a bowl if that’s what you’re after.

Out of 10 how would you rate the neighborhood for: Overall? Kids? Going Out? Quiet Living? Food? As a tourist?

Kids: 6 – Not as many parks as other parts of the city.

Going Out: 7 – Loads of food/ drink options which are great if you’re wanting to go out straight after work.

Quiet: 6.5 – There is a bit of traffic noise, but that’s to be expected in NYC.

Food: 7 – So many choices. Forgot to mention this before, but this part of NYC is close to Koreatown and Little India- also awesome for food.

Overall: 7 – For convenience, this is a great leaping off area for a newbie to NYC

In a few words, how would you sum up the neighborhood?

Friendly. A little transient, but worth digging below the surface.

Anything else you’d like to add about the area?

This part of NYC was the perfect soft landing when I arrived. You get around the city easily from a central location as you get to know your new home!

All About Neighborhood Champion, Alice

How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

Journo. Music-junkie. News- junkie. Red wine drinker. On the hunt for the best pasta in New York.

What is your favorite thing to do in the city (outside of your neighborhood)?

I love the Wythe Hotel rooftop on the Williamsburg waterfront, especially when it's sunny.

For food Zabar’s in the Upper West Side blew my mind and Sottocasa Pizzeria in Harlem was the best pizza I’ve had so far.

For a music lover, you’re spoilt for choice- so far I’ve been able to see some of my favorite bands in much smaller venues and a lot more cheaply than at home, and I'm getting acquainted with a bunch of new ones!

Fave venue so far is the Jalopy Theatre near Red Hook, super cute and small. I also really love picking a show to see at Joe’s Pub or seeing a talk at Strand Books.

Where do you call “home” and where are you “from”?

I’m a Sydney girl, and I don’t think I'll ever lose my love for the beach!

Now’s your chance to promote whatever you want (your business, your hobby, your cool idea, or something you love)

I’m a finance journalist, but working in communications here in NYC- if you’re a burgeoning fintech look up Forefront Communications.

Alice can be found at @Alice_Uribe on Instagram. Get in touch!

From America Josh

Alice was a champion for meeting me and telling me her story. She's done more in New York than most and it's always exciting to hear from someone in an area that often gets overlooked!

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Getting to know a neighborhood in New York is one of the most interesting and fun parts of living here. Building community, understanding the nuances of streets, bars, cafés, and cultures, and knowing what’s cool (and what’s not) makes you feel like you’re really part of the city. So, I want to hear about yours!

So. Are you my next Neighborhood Champion for your neighborhood? If so, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll arrange a time to meet!

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