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America’s pumpkin spice obsession

It’s the most pumpkin spice time of the year. I’m not a coffee drinker so before moving to the great US of A, I don’t think I’d heard of pumpkin spice before.

That all changed two months into my expat experience when October rolled around. Pumpkin spice was everywhere. In lattes, cakes, pies (obviously), on billboards, in air fresheners, haircuts (I kid you not) and a million other things.

I’ve never witnessed anything like the pumpkin spice juggernaut that exists here. in 2015 Pumpkin spice flavoured coffee made $32.7 million US dollars and was the third best-selling pumpkin product that year.

And so, finally, here is my list of the strangest pumpkin spiced goods and services that I’ve seen around the traps. Keep reading at Bright Lights of America…

Katherine Fenech

Katherine Fenech

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