Recently my whole family came to visit me in New York. Like only arrived back in Aus in the last 24 hours type of recently. It was the first time to the U.S. for three of them, first time to New York for all four, the first time overseas ever for one, and the first time overseas in 35 years for another.

Being the organized person I am, I had planned to develop a short list of basics to help orient them all. You know, a few do’s and don’ts to help them on their New York “journey”. Instead, I spent ages on a matrix which mapped all their desired activities to the location in New York, cross-referenced with if it was a good day or night time activity, double cross-referenced with the activities I wanted to join them on. Which of course we didn’t use once. But in the interest of helping other people out, even if not my own family, I finished the list and here it is: a short list of low key helpful hints if your fam comes to visit.

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