According to my friends I have wanted to move to New York my whole life. Turns out Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Friends and GIRLS had been infiltrating their way into my brain for three decades (OK maybe only two decades, let’s face it, I probably had no idea what or where New York was before I was ten).

But to be honest I had never put much stock into it; moving to New York was a pipe dream, something impossible to negotiate, plan and execute – unless you are one of those #blessed people whose office is international and are offered the chance to move to the US. Yeah, great, good on you, really happy for you. No, seriously, more power to you – if you get such an offer, take that thing with both hands and run fast.

To me the most daunting question was ‘how can I get a job there? What visa would I even be eligible for? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to land a job in NYC right? Wrong. You can totally move to New York from Australia – for me some of it was luck and just good timing, but the rest I put down to some planning on my part. Below are my tips to prepare for and land a job in New York. Not foolproof obviously, but I’d say somewhat helpful. Helpful in the way that you should spread the butter before the vegemite. It’d probably still work if you did it the other way around, just wouldn’t be as smooth.

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