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How to watch Australian TV in America

Do you have a favorite TV show that you miss from Australia? Well, Katherine from Bright Lights of America has some tips below for how to watch Australian TV in America! 

Netflix and Amazon TV are fantastic, and I refuse to spend money on cable television here in the US, but sometimes you just want to hear your own accent coming out of the magical picture box.

I’m not sniffing at American TV at all. It’s just not the same as Aussie comedy or drama. I’m talking your Upper Middle BoganSammy J’s Playground PoliticsPlease Like MeThe Family LawRosehavenThe Book Club etc. [America Josh adds Rake to this list, please]

And then there’s the British TV that some channels stream, like Grand Designs (Kevin McLeod is everything), Call The MidwifeCatastrophe, and whatever documentary Louis Theroux made that week. How else would I be able to watch Crowded House’s latest live concert?

Except there’s that pesky geography issue. Many Australian television streaming sites use geo-blocking to basically restrict their content to only play for those within Australia. There are a few ways they do this, such as checking the location of your device’s IP address.

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Katherine Fenech

Katherine Fenech

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