This week I got an email from Jenn:

What the mackerel

So, Jenn, here’s what I learned about mackerel this week for you:

  1. Mackerel are a fish, even though “mackerel” kinda made me think more of an oyster;
  2. They got real popular in the 90’s for some reason;
  3. There are 30 species of mackerel, most of them “Scombroid”;
  4. Tuna sits in the same family (and tuna is delicious – thus by the laws of transitive property, mackerel might just be delicious);
  5. Mackerel are “voracious” feeders according to Wikipedia, which reminds me of my golden retriever (Mackerel: The Golden Retriever of the sea);
  6. The flesh of mackerel spolis quickly, especially in warmer clients, so don’t get caught out because you’ll get a nasty case of “scombroid food poisoning”;
  7. From the above point, mackerel isn’t very considerate of your health;
  8. Although from the point above, they ARE filled with Omega-3 fatty acids, which make you brain good, sorry, brain “well”;
  9. Mackerel, as pictured, are generally found in their natural habitat, surrounded by cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

Well there you have it. Mackerel!