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Green Card Lottery 2023 (DV-2025): Everything you must know

The green card lottery (or the “diversity lottery”) for 2023 (DV-2025) will open in October, 2023. The most important thing to know: There's only one way to legitimately enter. Don't listen to any of the websites out there that say they will give you a special service or a higher chance of winning, it's never real.

So what else is very important to remember about entering the green card diversity lottery?

Is the Green Card lottery 2023 (DV-2025) currently open?

No, the entry form will open in late 2023 (around October) – check back here for more later.

The entry form will only be available for submission during this period and this period only. Entries will NOT be accepted through the U.S. Postal Service.

How long are applications for the 2023 Diversity Green Card Lottery (DV-2025) open?

Applications are open for a little over a month between October and November.

The official dates are announced towards the end of September or early October and change each year, and you generally have approximately 40 days to fill in the appropriate entry form.

Where should you enter the DV Green Card Lottery?

Enter only on the official website. There is only one official website for entering the green card lottery:


The official information about DV-2025 can be found at Travel.State.Gov. You should trust this and only this for accurate advice about the lottery (aside from this article, of course).

At every turn, make sure that your website still says “.gov” at the top to ensure that you haven't accidentally found a link to an unofficial site.

Is it free to enter the Green Card Diversity Lottery?

Yes, it's free to enter the DV Lottery every year. There is never a cost involved to enter the lottery. It does not cost any money to apply for the green card lottery.


How do I fast track my entry or give myself a better chance of winning?

There is no fast-track or any more “reliable” way to get a green card from the green card lottery other than applying on the official site.

There are no tricks, no benefits to entering at a certain time of day, and no benefit to entering at the beginning or end of the process. As long as you enter between the start and finish dates.


What does DV-2025 mean? What year does the green card lottery happen?

The lottery is drawn every year. The “DV-2025” lottery means that you will enter in late 2023, and you will find out if you won the lottery in mid-2025 (with interview and entry in 2025/2026).

Yes, it's a slow and long process, but that's just how it is, there's no way to speed things up.

Is the lottery still running this year?

There was the discussion over the past few years that the former Trump Administration planned to stop the green card lottery, yes, but there have been no official steps to do this, so it's continuing as before with no end in sight.

What should I consider before entering the Green Card Lottery?

If you do win, and you can now apply to get a Green Card, it's worth considering the HEART Act.

In short, if you become a green card holder, if you ever want to give it up, you might have to pay LOTS of tax. Read more about the HEART Act.

Other than that, it is my understanding that there are no real implications to entering the Green Card lottery, even if you have another visa. Applying for a green card is a whole other story, but simply entering the lottery should not result in any issues with a non-immigrant visa. That being said, it's always best to consult with an immigration attorney before undertaking something like this.

When does the DV-2025 Green Card lottery start?

The DV-2025 Green Card Lottery is opening later this year in 2023.

Should you use a lawyer when applying for a green card?

It's a long and windy path, you should use help

The green card process is long and windy, including the application. For the best guide on everything green card be sure to check out BritSimonSays for a step-by-step Green card guide!

Best of luck with your application! I know it's stressful as many people are really keen to get into the U.S. and start their new lives as expats, but be patient, read as much as you can, and consult with an immigration lawyer if you have any serious concerns or queries.

Getting this process wrong, or any immigration process wrong in America can have long-lasting detrimental effects so don't do that.

Read about a DV lottery success story!

To read a story about one of America Josh's readers, check out A Green Card Success Story by an Australian Expat.

And remember:

The Diversity Green Card Lottery DV-2025 is OPENING SOON!

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  1. Hi Josh I want to know please is the dv 2023 over for all countries or just some countries? That means no one will conducted interviews next week? The us ambassy in cameroun did not notify the they canceled appointments. Please I want to understand. Thank you.

  2. good day American Josh, i will like to understand why some selected countries have been excluded from the DV Program in respect to my country of birth (Nigeria). Its almost a decade now, i hope they can reconsider and grants citizens of Nigeria eligibility once more

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