It’s the new year, how about something exciting and new to kick off your new year?

Restaurant of the week

This one ticks a couple of boxes: Not only is it delicious, creative, and reasonably priced; it’s also Australian owned!

Banter (Manhattan, Greenwich Village)

Banter Greenwich Village

The food is sensational both in the morning and in the evening, the cocktails are fantastic, and the staff are tremendously lovely. Three thumbs up!

Bar of the week

Another one of my personal favorites (you might start noticing a theme). This time, it’s wine that comes straight out of a tap, for a reasonable price, straight into a varying size of container depending on how thirsty you are!

Lois (Manhattan, Alphabet City/East Village)

Lois Bar Alphabet City
Lois Bar Alphabet City, taken from their Facebook page

It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s cute. You could take a date here or take a group of friends when you’re feeling extra wine-y on a cold day!

Local recommendation of the week

This week my recommendation comes from Lindsay who has sent in not one, but TWO recommendations!

Black Tap (Manhattan) for amazing burgers and shakes and Peter Pan donuts in Brooklyn for something special.

Peter Pan Donuts
Peter Pan Donuts stolen from their delicious Facebook

Thanks, Lindsay!

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